Some people claim to have channeled extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms or even met them in a ‘close encounter of the third kind’. Who are we to totally dismiss these reports even though there is no ‘scientific’ data to support this type of communication. Inductive logic and reasoning alone has produced some speculative fiction (i.e. fantasy or science fiction) that has turned out to be most prophetic. Read your Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, or Arthur C. Clarke and understand how much of the foreseeable future can be ‘channeled’ by an individual’s imagination. If you don’t believe today’s cell phones are straight out of ‘Star Trek’, you are sadly mistaken.

Imagination is a powerful tool. Imagination allows humans to ‘see’ desireable (or even undesireable) consequences of emerging realities. We here at AGP News are looking for people and stories that typify the ‘alien’ viewpoint. Our intent is to accelerate the scientific and technology advancement of humankind through responsible presentation of speculative thought. Instead of ‘thinking outside the box’, we hope to capture emerging realities by ‘thinking outside the human sphere’. If you believe ET’s exist, then it must be possible to ‘channel’ what their viewpoint is.