A few years ago, we concluded that it seemed unlikely that the SETI Program (i.e. Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) would ever be successful. However, there are many examples in science where highly unlikely research resulted in a major breakthrough. While it still seems a longshot, SETI has constantly upgraded their technology, methods, and research approaches. Given the great importance of the research for mankind, we believe you should, at least, become knowledgeable about the organization. Here are some choices:

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Another great science program to follow would be NASA’s Kepler Telescope. It’s mission is to search star systems for planets. In particular, scientists are excited about finding ‘Goldilocks’ planets. These are planets around other solar systems that have potential to be Earth like. A huge resource about this NASA mission is available online. Here’s a direct link to the website and we think you’ll be convinced it’s a good use of U.S. taxpayer dollars.
Kepler Telescope Home Page