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August 20th, 2009
The Genetic Code May Contain Evidence of Extraterrestial Life and Intelligence
By Dale Roethlisberger

Any structured set of information can be parsed or statistically analyzed in specific ways to yield information not readily apparent. Common examples of this outcome would be the prophecies of Nostradamus or keywords in the so-called Bible Code. Statisticians would point out that these models do appear to generate valid conclusions, but it is highly likely that these correlations are spurious. On the other hand, very few have made attempts to perform this type of analysis on the genetic code. There is the distinct possibility that embedded messages could be found in even the most primitive strands of DNA.

There are whole sections of most DNA molecules that appear to be inactive in any living organism. Why are those sections ‘turned off’. Or perhaps, they are the copyright notice from some very long lived civilization tinkering with DNA as an inter-galactic transmission medium known as life. We already have evidence in the form of extremophiles that life can crawl into environmental niches totally unexpected. Furthermore, we have instances where bacteria and viruses appear to have survived prolonged periods in space. Maybe some explanation can be found in the genetic code itself.

We suggest an attempt be made to crack the genetic code from a purely informational point of view. It might be rather interesting if a message like ‘Greetings from the Krell on Altair IV’ pops out of such an analysis. Better yet, what if there are some molecular scientific principles embedded in the code that represent important breakthroughs for mankind.